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Books and DVDs

101 tricks with a Stripper Deck booklet

Ideal resource for alternative ideas with the Stripper Deck.


Balloon-Ability DVD - Jimmy Carlo

A new balloon DVD from Jimbo with great models and games.


Birthday Party Mania 2 - double DVD

Learn over a dozen new routines, gags and bits-of-business that you can incorporate into your own magic show!


Birthday Party Mania 3 - double DVD

The latest in Tommy James's superb series!


Birthday Party Mania double DVD

Learn a dozen great kid-show routines you can add to your own birthday party performances on the new DOUBLE DVD from Tommy James!


Bring Back the Schtick DVDs

Quentin Reynolds (of Five Minutes With a Pocket Handkerchief fame) releases a new 2 DVD set for all children’s and family entertainers. 240 minutes crammed with routines, gags and bits of business as well as tips on getting better reactions to the show you already do.


Chinese Sticks Teach-in DVD

A DVD offering different routines for this classic effect.


Christmas Magic Show DVDs

Are you looking for some outstanding routines and ideas to add to your Christmas performances? Watch Tommy performing his entire Christmas themed magic show in front of a live preschool audience.


Comedy and Magic With Balloons vol 3 - DVD

Another volume for all you balloonatics!


Comedy and Magic With Balloons vols 1 and 2 - DVD

2 volumes on one DVD with tips, tricks and downright terrific balloon-foolery!

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