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Silver Sceptre de luxe

A top-of-the-range version of this wonderful prop.

Silver Sceptre de luxe UK EXCLUSIVE

Please click here to see a video demonstration of this product. 

For some time we have felt that there was a need for a really top quality version of Silver Sceptre, which has to be one of the best effects for children. This does everything whioch the standard version does, but there are a few notable features: the holder is made of material, not plastic, so it flops beautifully (those who use the prop regularly will know what I mean!) Secondly, if the elastic breaks (and it is tough and should last for ages) the ends of the beads are left open so re-threading is an easy matter. One further point: some performers love the Sceptre because it looks different; others have children telling them that it doesn't look like a magic wand. If you wish - and at NO extra cost - we will cover the Sceptre, so it is now a magic wand with silver tips (in other words, a Rising Wand). If you'd like this version, please go to Silver Sceptre de luxe (covered). The photo shows both versions so the choice is yours. Length is approx 17" (43cms.)