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Trix 2016

Tickets for Trix in the Stix 2016 are now sold out. A Waiting List has been started.

Thank you for your support.


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Children's Magic

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1-2-3 Jumbo Cards Across

Cards travel magically from one envelope to another. This is a classic effect given the Mark Leveridge treatment!

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3D Sponge Rabbits

Sponge rabbits multiply...everywhere!

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Adair's Ideas on Kids' Magic

Ian's 4th book on children's magic in the past year - that's over 1000 pages of original material!

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Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

Ali Baba explores the thieves' cave and then disappears thanks to a magic lamp. The children soon find him though!

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Alphabet Deck

Really handy pack - great for Dippy Duck!

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Animal Badge Pack - Personalised

Fabulous give-aways for your helpers!

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Animal Badge Pack - Standard

Fabulous give-aways for your helpers!

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Animal Karaoke

A 5 minute routine using nothing more than a few cards!

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Animals of Meadow Farm

Fill the stage with a flat pack story! All the children are involved!

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Apple and the Block of Gold

A magical story in which an apple and a block of gold impossibly swap places!

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