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Close-Up Magic Props and Magic Tricks

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Close-Up Magic

101 tricks with a Stripper Deck booklet

Ideal resource for alternative ideas with the Stripper Deck.


3D Sponge Rabbits

Sponge rabbits multiply...everywhere!


Alphabet Deck

Really handy pack - great for Dippy Duck!


Boston Box

Coins vanish from a small brass box - even penetrating the hand!


Christmas Cards Across

A Christmas version of Tommy James's popular Kids Cards Across!


Coin Tray - plastic

Coins multiply automatically with this beautiful little prop!


Cups (for Cups and Balls) - copper

Cups and Balls is one of the classics of magic. Here is a handsome set in copper.


Cups Cups Cups booklet

Excellent booklet teaching the basics of Cups and Balls.


Dye Tube

The perfect gimmick for causing silks to change colour. Best on the market.


Flash Pad

A small pad of pre-cut, fast burning Flash Paper.

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