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General Magic Props and Magic Tricks

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General Magic

101 tricks with a Stripper Deck booklet

Ideal resource for alternative ideas with the Stripper Deck.


Alphabet Deck

Really handy pack - great for Dippy Duck!


Balloon-Ability DVD - Jimmy Carlo

A new balloon DVD from Jimbo with great models and games.


Balloons - Qualatex modelling 260

Bag of 100 modelling balloons. Mixed colours.


Cane Silk - 18 inches

A black silk with white tips suddenly vanishes and in its place is a black cane with white tips!


Champagne Silks

Three silks are shown separately, then you produce a half bottle of champagne from them!


Change Bag - flat 2 way

An attractive bag which will vanish or change objects - silks, sponge balls etc.


Change Bag - One Handed Three Way (mid range) zipped

A mid range version of this indispensible prop. This one has a zip in the bottom.


Change Bag - One Handed Two Way (mid range) zipped

A mid-range version of this most useful magical prop. This one features a zip in the bottom.


Chinese Sticks

One tassel goes up when you pull the other cord. When the audience believe they know how it works, you show the rods are totally separate!

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