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Magic and effects suitable for a very young audience.

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Under 5s

3D Sponge Rabbits

Sponge rabbits multiply...everywhere!


Ben in a Basket

Quite simply, one of the best puppet routines you will ever see! Watch the trailer and decide for yourself!


Blooming Wand

A flower keeps appearing on the end of your wand!


Cat and Mouse

A little mouse needs to escape from three huge cats and does so in a really magical way!


Dog Arm Puppet

One of the very best puppets - he appeals to EVERYONE!


Dog Arm Puppet - Christmas routine

A special Christmas routine for use with the Dog Arm Puppet.


Dog Arm Puppet DVD - new material!

Tips, hints and routines for how to handle the Dog Arm Puppet.


Drooping Flower

A flower that bends or straightens - always under your control. Very funny sight gag.


Eternal Rings

Brightly coloured knitted rope circles link together - and then change into a huge circle!


Flito Flower

A flower head flies off, then appears on the end of your wand, before finally ending up back on the stem!

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