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Children's Magic

Magic for the children's entertainer - many exclusives!

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Silk Magic

Huge range of sizes, colours and designs - tricks as well.

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Halloween Magic

Spooky seasonal tricks!

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Sponge Magic

Wide range of sizes and colours plus other sponge props.

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General Magic

Standard props and necessities

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Christmas Magic

Tricks and props with seasonal appeal.

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Close-up Magic

Tricks and props for close-up performances.

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Flash Magic

Our range of flash products..

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Books & DVDs

Magic books and DVDs - many exclusives!

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Under 5s

Magic for very young children.

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Welcome to our website.

Here you'll find:

lots of exclusive material;
some of the best children's tricks on the market;
high quality products;
great stage props;
a wide range of silks, sponge and rope.

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Email received:

I would just like to say a massive thanks to Jeremy & Practical Magic. Jeremy personally called to keep me up to date with the progress of my order and then, when it arrived, I was more pleased than I thought. Having used Practical Magic before, I knew the quality to expect, however it's great when your expectations are exceeded.

Apple & Block of Gold is big, bold, bright and colourful. Beautifully crafted with a great ending to the trick which I can't wait to get in my show.

The new Overwhelming Wands I received are a sure-fire laughter-guaranteed segment to add to the show and a great improvement on previous Overwhelming Wands.

My favourite however is Ben in a Basket which comes with a presentation DVD (worth the money alone) presented by Jeremy but which also includes a useful tips & demo presentation from the excellent John Kimmons. All the gags, props, routine, Ben and even the well-made basket are included. I've been using puppets for years and I'm really looking forward to adding this one as it has the potential to be the show stealer.

Thanks so much again guys, will be in touch very soon as I need a Split Die Box. (Rob Maclaren - Ireland)


Email received:

In life, isn't it great when something you look forward to is even better than you expected? Well, that happened to me! In the past, I thought your Die Box would be hard to beat for a beautifully crafted trick, but now, your Three Little Pigs is equal first! In a word, TERRIFIC! I love the large colourful cards, the house and brick wall. All very well done and will be easily seen by our audience. So thank you for producing such a good, likeable trick! (Terry Wild - Australia)


Email received:

Hello, yesterday I have received Flito Flower. Today I have received the big parcel with all the items. All in perfect shape. I am unpacking all these beautiful props and it remind me Christmas when I was a little boy unpacking his toys. I really have to say: I am amazed by the quality of your tricks. Your attention to the smallest details is fantastic. Thanks a lot for everything. (Jean Regil - France)